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Mastering Font-end Web Development: Best Tools and Techniques for Stunning Websites

Frontend web development is intensely creative. According to Google Fonts, it is a highly valuable resource for digital designers. When deciding on the font to use to build your webpage it must be legible and easy to read, as well as eye-catching in design.

Best Tools and Techniques for Stunning Websites

There is a selection of fonts that are free and legible in paragraphs to be easily read on all your devices, and some of them are:

  • Sora is very plain and clear
  • Hahmlet
  • JetBrains Mono
  • Andada Pro
  • Epilogue
  • Inter
  • Encode Sans
  • Manrope
  • Roboto

All of the above are highly legible in paragraphs and suggested for use by Google.

Frontend web development often uses Roboto, as it has such a wide range of variations, widths, weights, and styles. it supports many writing systems extending to various languages like Greek, Hebrew, and Russian. Not everything is in English, a fact that we tend to forget and Roboto is great for Latin and Arabic and multilingual websites where small caps and ligatures are common.

Font with Clean Clear Look

The sans serif typeface is a geometric design with rounded corners looking both friendly, clear, and professional. This is used by highly skilled website designers to get the right creative flow.

Rubic like the Rubics cube is another geometric sans serif font. It has a number of open typeface features for your use, while still leaving room for creativity.


Coding4.net will help you to find the best tools and techniques for your stunning website, and there are several tutorials to help you to make the right design choices.

Web Safe Fonts

These fonts adapt to any device or browser, and will always display correctly. So before we had web-safe fonts if a page’s content didn’t adapt to a different font it wouldn’t display correctly, Some examples of web-safe fonts are.

  • Serif
  • Monospace
  • Cursive
  • Fantasy
  • MS (Microsoft)

Harmond is a new and modern serif with a strong style that is commonly used to design invitations and creates a clear look on business cards.

When designing your website, try a few different fonts to get the greatest impact, and run a small focus group of friends and relatives to get the opinion of others before you go ahead. It is important to get the fonts right from the start so that nothing needs to be changed once it is published.

Frontend Web Development

Your website font is not only creative and arresting, but it should be very easy to read.

The person reading it will probably be on their device while riding public transport to work, and the last thing that the user wants is difficulty in clearly seeing the information they are trying to access from your site.


Using frontend web development on your site can be simple with the right tools and an easy-to-read font. If you use a website designer they will do it perfectly, but it may just be fun to design your website yourself using your newfound skills, advice, and the right fonts.