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12. декабря 2010 21:26

People search engines are the cheapest, fastest, and most effective way to reconnect with your family members. A wide variety of them are available online and you can effortlessly locate your loved ones at the click of a button from the convenience of your home. Pipl is a very advanced search engine that uses a specialized identity resolution mechanism to get meaningful and accurate results.

This search engine digs deep into active social networks, blogs, criminal records, property records, phone directories, obituary databases, court records, news articles, archives, and publications and returns significant information like location of the person, employment history, education, address history, and contact details. Google may be great at web search but when it comes to searching people Pipl stands tall. Even though Pipl is a relatively new entrant in the search market Pipl has gained a very strong market share in quick time. All you need to do is enter the name, phone number, email address, or username of the person and hit search. You will get a comprehensive and free report about the person in just seconds.

Govregistry is a very powerful search engine according to http://www.prweb.com/releases/peoplesearch/08/prweb9844660.htm that offers both free and premium services to the public. No registration is needed to use Govregistry and residential addresses, and contact numbers are revealed free of cost. Nick Matzorkis founded the company in the year 2005 and they have now become a household name in the global search market. Govregistry has more listings than a white pages database and you can get instant results for all fifty states.

You can even run a thorough background check for a small fee using Zabasearch. Peek You is another new player that has established themselves well in the search market. Founded by Michael Hussey in the year 2006 Peek You has indexed over two hundred million people using Facebook profiles, Wikipedia, and personal blogs. Peek You serves over ten million unique visitors every month and their patented search engine delivers high precision results without compromising on quality.

These search engines are now widely used by companies to do background checks for their employees. Google controls over 66.8% of the global search market but Pipl, Zabasearch, Govregistry.us.com and Peek You are slowly but surely posing a serious threat. Check out these high performance search engines and reconnect with your loved ones.

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